We can do everything! – The Snow Queen (2018)

Theatre project for deaf children age 5+

Within one week 12 deaf children got the chance to create a theatre play together with Daniela Krabbe. Based on the narrative of the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” we tried different nonverbal theatre practices like physical and mime theatre, clowning, sign poetry and shadow theatre – to find together new ways of communication beyond language.

Direction and Organisation by Daniela Krabbe

Rehearsals: 23rd of March till 30th of March 2018
Presentation: 31
st of March 2018 2:30pm at Theaterhaus Frankfurt

Organized by Kunst für Kinder! e.V.

Supported by Freies Theaterhaus Frankfurt, Frankfurter Stiftung für Gehörlose und Schwerhörige.

Promoted by Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main, Stiftung Citoyen and Naspa-Stiftung

(c) Katrin Schander