Asta Nechajute

Asta Nechajute was born in Vilnius/Lithuania in 1984. She studied acting at the Lithuanian
Academy of Music und Theatre and made her diploma at the theatre academy in Cologne in 2013. She works as an independent actor in Cologne, f.e. at the Orangerie-Theater, Freies Werkstatt Theater, Horizont-Theater & wehrtheater. Additionally, Asta is co-founder and member of the Nö Theatre Cologne. With “V wie Verfassungsschutz” they won the Kölner Theaterpreis 2012, the Kurt-Hackenberg-Preis 2012, the audience choice at the international Theatre festival Arena! 2013 and the Jury price at Heidelberger Theatertage 2013.

Asta Nechajute is a part of the play silent.glances and co-directed The Blue House.

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