About us

Compagnie Augenmusik is an independent theatre group which was founded in 2013 in Frankfurt am Main. The Compagnie works with the art of theatre, prioritizing, but not limited to deaf children.

We want to create new forms of presentation and storytelling to open the theatrical world to deaf children in collaboration with different actors, hearing and deaf. Like their own sensual experiences, seeing and feeling are the most aspects of the theatrical experience. We want to create music for the eyes. Our aim is to recreate the joy hearing people feel through music for deaf children with visual art.
We want to tell stories and open up new adventurous spaces with different artistic forms similar to the everyday sensory experiences of deaf children.

Hearing children and grown ups are welcome as well. They can discover new worlds within our stories, develop an interest, and consequently, explore and interact. We do not want to depict discrepancies but the possibility of finding common ground despite our differences.

Our aim is to work with schools for children with hearing disabilities permanently. Additionally, we intend to keep exploring touring possibilities to reach as many children as possibly and give them the opportunity to experience a theatre play made especially for them.

Our Cooperation partner: Theaterhaus Frankfurt

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