The Blue House (2019)

Clown theatre for small and tall, deaf and hearing people 5+

concept, acting: Daniela Krabbe
directors, dramaturgy: Ivan MatiushkinAsta Nechajute
light, stage design: David Schecker

Premiere on 20th September 2019 at Theaterhaus Frankfurt

Funded by the Cultural Department of Frankfurt/Main and The Hessen State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts

A girl clown is coming on stage to build her new blue house. She is thinking and measuring, marking out and sticking with tape, she‘s trying out the rooms, setting up her furniture – what a happiness! But something is missing…
An adventure through the jungle of loneliness and through all the emotions is starting for the girl clown. And actually it‘s even fun to be your own best friend!
A story without words, told with a humorous and physical language for deaf and hearing kids from 5+ – about the courage to be alone and the fun to explore and love yourself.

(c) Lukas Büschel