silent glances (stille.blicke)

A theatre show for small and tall ones age 5+

performed by Jürgen Endress, Asta Nechajute
directed and written by Daniela Krabbe
lighting and stage design by Lukas Wegner

Premiere at 21th may 2017 at Theaterhaus Frankfurt/Main.

Funded by the Cultural Department of Frankfurt/Main and The Hessen State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts and supported by crowdfunding at Startnext!


A father and his daughter – they play, they dance, they live together. But the father, vivacious and full of life, is missing his stern daughter’s ability to laugh. They both go on separate journeys to put a smile back on the girl’s face. By doing so, they find out that one has to become one’s own greatest home to be able to be happy at all.

The light-flooded world on stage is occupied by two players who will show the audience why not only body language and hands but also facial expression are important to understand each other.




Using no language, little sound but lots of starlight, deaf and hearing children and adults alike are invited on this journey in search of a smile.
Alongside the hearing actress Asta Nechajute we are working once again with the deaf actor Jürgen Endress.

In addition, we have worked out a stage- and lighting concept that will invite the younger and older audience to marvel, dream and laugh with us.